EHC Announces Three Large-Scale Projects

EHC, a construction company specializing in pre-construction, earthwork, and infrastructure development, is pleased to announce three new projects: Cape Coral Diplomat, Chiquita Boulevard North, and Skye Ranch 2 (Lorraine Road).

Cape Coral Diplomat
The Cape Coral Diplomat project will be constructed by Morrow Construction and EHC at Diplomat Parkway in Cape Coral. During the course of this project, three four-story apartment complexes will be constructed. EHC will be performing site work, clear and grub work, sidewalks, and finish grading.

Chiquita Boulevard North
The Chiquita Boulevard project is being carried out by EHC in conjunction with the City of Cape Coral. The project involves widening Chiquita Boulevard. There will be MOT, milling of the roadway, drainage, grading, utilities, paving, striping, and marking done as part of the project.

Skye Ranch 2 (Lorraine Road)
Taylor Morrison has contract EHC for the Skye Ranch 2 project in Sarasota County. As part of the project, Lorraine Road will undergo phase 2 of construction. EHC is responsible for mobilization, clearing, grading, and excavation as well as embankment and stabilization.

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About EHC, Inc.

EHC, Inc. is a construction company that provides pre-construction, earthwork and infrastructure services. Established in 1990, EHC remains committed to excellence from pre-planning to project completion through the latest technology, proven processes, and an experienced team. With a schedule-driven approach, EHC delivers complete solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

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