EHC Helps with Hurricane Relief

EHC, a locally owned and managed construction company specializing in pre-construction, earthwork, and infrastructure development is pleased to announce the fruition of Hamilton’s Hurricane Relief non-profit, created from EHC’s Tony Hamilton and the progression of the Sanibel Causeway through EHC’s partner, AJAX.

Hamilton’s Hurricane Relief is a Holy Spirit-led nonprofit organization founded by Tony Hamilton. Tony’s initial mission has been to provide the necessary tools and equipment such as wheelbarrows, saws, drills, shovels, flat bars, brooms, N95 masks, gloves, disinfectant, fans, water, ice, etc. to be most efficient, safe and effective for disaster relief efforts. The intention of making the hard work a little easier with the right tools is also to encourage more volunteers to come back to help the next day. Tony and others with his team have been led to organizations managing volunteers of locals and others from all over the country. The team began its work by going door-to-door in Tony’s immediate neighborhood, then the surrounding neighborhood, and on to areas most affected by the hurricane.

“You go into these houses, and the families have removed all of their personal belongings and put along the street,” said EHC’s Tony Hamilton. “I can partially relate as our downstairs flooded, where much of our saved memories, Christmas ornaments and items you would store in a garage was and had to throw it all out. It’s a very difficult process. When you have someone come in to help you and to lend you a hand like so many people around here are doing, it really changes your perspective and mood for the better. I’d encourage anyone to go volunteer for at least one day. You will get more out of it than you put in – I guarantee.”

The nonprofit organization is joining forces with local churches and other organizations to help people in need. There are many organizations out there doing great work. Tony has been working with Summit Church in the South Ft. Myers area found at and most recently in Harlem Heights through the Heights Foundation at, and To learn more and get involved, check out these links, look for organizations in other areas more convenient for you or visit Hamilton’s Hurricane Relief Facebook page.

EHC is also working with AJAX Paving with the rebuilding efforts in Sanibel and Captiva following Hurricane Ian. The company has been working tirelessly to repair the causeway and bridges on both islands, which were destroyed by the storm. Through the following days and weeks, the bridges will be more accessible for emergency crews, residents, visitors and businesses.

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