EHC Manages Large-Scale Road Projects and Reaches Significant Milestones

EHC, a construction company that provides pre-construction, earthwork, and infrastructure services, is pleased to announce the concurrent traffic switches involving Sandhill Boulevard, Burnt Store Road, SR-82 and I-75. The projects span three Southwest Florida counties including Lee, Collier, and Charlotte.

The past couple of months have been an interesting challenge for EHC. As part of the sequence of work, the larger road projects require what is called “Traffic Switches.” The start of this process is the widening construction on one side of the roadway. Traffic is then shifted to the newly constructed roadway to create a safe and productive work area for construction on the other side of the roadway.  An additional traffic switch may also be required to create a median work area where the traffic is shifted to both newly constructed outside widened roadway lanes.

With traffic switches on four projects around the same time, this presented a resource scheduling challenge for EHC.

“Through great effort, coordination, and scheduling, our Superintendents (Shane Graves, Mike Beck and Ronnie Skinner) worked together to make adjustments on all of our jobs so that we could put our highly talented crews in place to meet the multiple scheduled traffic switches,” said EHC Vice President and Owner Tony Hamilton.  “It’s not surprising but always rewarding to witness meeting these challenges head on. When we have a great challenge ahead of us, our team figures out how to make it happen!”

Sandhill Boulevard
EHC is the prime construction contractor of the Sandhill Boulevard Project in Charlotte County. The site construction company is providing clearing, grubbing, excavation, embankment, subgrade and base groups, drainage and underground utilities, fill, curbing, sidewalk, signage, and street pavement markings. EHC has completed the asphalt process within the Capricorn and Deep Creek sections of this project. Sodding and signage will be installed in May with anticipation the entirety of the Sandhill Boulevard Project will be completed by Summer 2021.

Burnt Store Road
The Burnt Store Road project is progressing well with the Northbound lane being finalized. EHC is currently developing the Southbound lane, and there are two ponds left to complete for the Charlotte County project. According to EHC project manager David Beck, “The overall effort has been very successful.”

I-75 at Colonial Boulevard Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)
For I-75 at Colonial Boulevard Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) in Lee County, EHC is providing clearing, excavation, embankment, Type B stabilization, and base work.  AJAX awarded EHC the DDI project for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The improvements involve the reconfiguration of the I-75 at Colonial Boulevard Interchange to a Diverging Diamond Interchange. In the early phase of this job, EHC just completed the Southbound widening on I-75 so the traffic can be shifted to allow for median work and traffic shifting to start on the Northbound widening.

SR 82
EHC recently completed the Eastbound widening and shifted the traffic to allow for work on the Westbound widening on SR 82. The SR 82 improvements in Collier County consist of roadway widening, reconstruction, milling and resurfacing, base work, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, sidewalks, driveways, lighting and adding signing and pavement markings. EHC is providing over 280,000 cubic yards of excavation, more than 260,000 cubic yards of embankment, approximately 236,000 square yards of Type B stabilization, optional base groups 1, 4 and 11, and clearing and grubbing for the project.

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About EHC, Inc.

EHC, Inc. is a construction company that provides pre-construction, earthwork and infrastructure services. Established in 1990, EHC remains committed to excellence from pre-planning to project completion through the latest technology, proven processes, and an experienced team. With a schedule-driven approach, EHC delivers complete solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

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